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Online Counselling and Therapy using Zoom

What is online counselling?


Online counselling is any form of counselling or talking therapy conducted over the Internet. Using email, a messaging service, or video chat, virtual counselling allows the counsellor to speak to you in real time. At Anna Batey Counselling I provide online counselling over a video chat application called Zoom.

Zoom counselling is safe, secure, and confidential, meaning that no one can listen to our conversation or join the meeting without being invited. You can use Zoom on your mobile phone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer.

Online Counselling with Zoom

How does online chat counselling work?


If we arrange to have a session via Zoom, I will send you an invitation via email. Included will be a link that you can click on to join the meeting. If you haven’t used Zoom before, it’s a simple process. You can download and install Zoom here


Before we begin our counselling sessions, I will talk to you about the importance of finding a confidential space, getting comfortable and what I’ll do if we are disconnected.


If you are considering online mental health counselling but are unsure, I offer a free consultation, which can be a great way to try out Zoom and see if you feel it could work for you. This is also an excellent chance to get familiar with how it works, so you feel ready for your first session.​

Does online counselling work?


There is mounting evidence from various worldwide studies that online counselling is an effective therapy and outcomes are at least equal to the more traditional face-to-face methods.


As a counsellor, I find online therapy works very well. Many of the clients I worked with during the first lockdown have continued their mental health counselling with online sessions, rather than resume face-to-face counselling once social distancing restrictions were eased.

If you'd like to find out more about online counselling, or CBT Therapy online, please get in touch with me. I offer a free no-obligation 20-minute consultation.

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Is online counselling effective?

There are many benefits to virtual counselling; these include:


Convenience: You can schedule your sessions around your work, family or childcare, with no need to allow time for travel or finding a parking space.


Safety: Online counselling enables people to stay safe and protect themselves and vulnerable loved ones by social distancing. This was highlighted during the current Covid-19 pandemic and drew attention to the benefits of working remotely for those who are immune-compromised or receiving treatment that affects their immune system.


Accessibility: Zoom counselling can work well for those people who have a physical health problem that affects their mobility.

Comfort: For many, particularly those who suffer from social anxiety, being in the comfort of your own home can help the therapeutic process. Clients can feel more relaxed to talk about what is on their minds.


Geographical Location: If you live in a rural area or don’t have access to many counsellors in your location, virtual therapy can provide you with access to someone you feel comfortable working with without needing to travel.


Greater Variety Of Choice: Online counselling enables you to work with the counsellor who will best meet your needs, regardless of where you are in the world. I work online with clients in Dubai, Finland and Cuba, and various locations around the UK and my hometown of Plymouth.


Flexibility: Online counselling means you can work from any confidential space with an Internet connection. So if you have to go on a business trip or are planning a holiday and don’t want to miss your session, you can work with your counsellor to find a convenient time while you’re away.


Eases You Into The Counselling Process: For some people, the thought of sitting in a room with a stranger, talking about their worries, can be a daunting process. Online counselling can provide a less intimidating introduction to your counselling journey. 


This gives you a chance to build a relationship with your counsellor from a location where you feel more relaxed and comfortable. Some clients then choose to move to face-to-face sessions if they feel more confident.

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