What My Clients Say

“Anna is a wonderful counsellor and I would highly reccommend her services. I started seeing Anna during lockdown via Zoom and counselling quickly became the best part of my week. I have been seeing Anna for just over a year now and her counselling has helped me greatly.


Anna is extremely professional, she makes you feel comfortable and safe to share anything that may be of concern to you. The counselling sessions have helped my anxiety greatly, but what has been the most impressive has been the level of self-awareness I have gained with Anna's guidance. I am more comfortable with myself and understand my thoughts and actions so much better now.


This helps me to be in the moment and choose how I react to situations and has greatly improved my quality of life. Going to Anna and getting counselling has been one of the best decisions of my life and I am so glad I took the plunge and arranged an appointment.”


“During lockdown my family experienced one of the hardest because I think anyone will ever have to go through, we got to some really low points feeling as if there was no light at the end of the tunnel.


My weekly sessions with Anna were something that gave me hope for the next week, Anna never made me feel any less human and always would give me such great advice and a new outlook on the situation. Having someone there who is completely unbiased but only wants the best for you is really something I would recommend to everyone.

Even my partner in the end had a few sessions with Anna because I was finding it so helpful and we realised it was something he could benefit from to. Thank you Anna for what you have done for us!”


“Everyday was emotionally painful - I felt grief and guilt 24/7, I constantly blamed myself, felt like I didn’t deserve to be happy. Depression completely took over me and I felt nobody understood, which made me feel trapped.


Anna listened, showed compassion, empathy and never once judged me. Anna guided me through my healing process with advice and techniques that helped me be kinder to my mind, have patience and take my time.

With Anna’s counselling, I was able to see that how I was grieving was normal and it was ok to not always be ok.”


“I would strongly recommend Anna for counselling, not just because of the outcome, but for the journey we took together as I worked through both bereavement and ill health issues, which were causing distress in my life.

Her process is transparent, kind and compassionate and it felt like she 'got me' and held my hand throughout my difficult time. She allows space to develop and explore thoughts and feelings and somehow, with utter gentleness, I found myself working through where I had been stuck.

With her loving guidance I was able to emerge happier, more content and resilient which is the best outcome from counselling! Thankyou Anna.”


“I found my sessions with Anna just what I needed to help me deal with my fertility journey so far... she provides a safe, empathetic and professional space to facilitate processing of events and emotions.

Anna is very approachable, I was able to be completely honest with her and she is also very person centred and able to grasp the salient themes that come up, and ask the right questions, whilst allowing you lots of time to talk. I would highly recommend her.

She is also really flexible on sessions in terms of availability and number you want.”


“Thank you once again for your patience and re assurance Anna, you made a huge difference to my outlook on the situation and made me assess it from another angle. I'm so grateful for the time you invested in me. Many thanks and take care.”


Having never approached a counsellor before I did not know what to expect from our sessions. Originally thinking it would be hard to share my issues with someone I had never met I felt very comfortable with Anna’s approach, feeling no pressure to rush into the things I wasn’t ready to talk about.

I have been able to look at events in my life in a different way following our discussions, and having the opportunity to clear my head without judgement or criticism has been invaluable. Thank you.”


“I never believed counselling would ‘work for me’ but after going through a really low time and finally accepting I needed help, I went to Anna in a pretty bad way. Anna made feel so welcome and comfortable.

I feel like a different person to when I first came to her for help and I know that no matter what life throws at me I can go to her and gain the non judgmental support I need to get through it, rather than crumble under it.

I am eternally grateful for her time, compassion and counselling skills and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone that needs short or longer term help, no matter the issue. Thank you.”


Anna has helped me tremendously over the last year in both exploring my past and present. I approached her after moving countries and trying to cope best with the consequences of my decision. Having undergone therapy previously in my home country, I was concerned whether possible language barriers could affect such a personal, yet important work.

To my surprise, expressing myself in a non-native language came with perks such as being more objective when describing particular situations. Anna is an excellent communicator and her approach brought a lot of clarity to our sessions. She provided a safe space for me to open up and re-explore my traumatic childhood with acceptance for myself and those involved. 

Anna understood the sensitivity of some very painful events and acted as a guide to help me reveal the answers I needed in order to change  the stories I used to tell myself. I remember feeling incredibly inspired in between sessions and wrote down the insights in my journal. By doing this, I could track the progress of our sessions and how empowered I often felt after them. 

Thanks to Anna’s commitment to helping me, I was finally able to make peace with my past, release blame, guilt and fear in a safe environment, assess and take pride in my self-development, and focus on creating a life that feels entirely mine. I’m forever grateful for our sessions and recommend her with all my heart to anyone daring to explore their lives.”