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Counselling and Psychotherapy for pregnancy-related issues in Plymouth

I have particular experience of working with pregnancy-related problems and complications, including:

  • Abortion

  • Infertility

  • Miscarriage

  • Pregnancy Anxiety

  • PTSD

  • Stillbirth

  • Traumatic Birth

Following my own pregnancy journey and experience, I have a particular interest here at Anna Batey Counselling in Plymouth in working with women who have endured pregnancy-related issues.

Having researched the prevalence of PTSD following pregnancy and birth trauma and I recognise that many women who have experienced these issues suffer from the symptoms of PTSD.

These symptoms include intrusive thoughts and memories about the event, negative changes in thinking and mood, including how you feel about yourself and others, avoidance and trying not to think about the event and avoiding anything that reminds you of it. Along with changes in physical and emotional reactions, feeling anxious most of the time, trouble sleeping, and overwhelming guilt or shame.


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Becoming pregnant and starting, or adding to your family, should be a joyful and natural experience, but it can be fraught with anxiety, disappointment, frustration, and sadness for many.

Suddenly everyone around you seems to be happily pregnant, friends and loved ones are telling you, "It'll be you next" or, if you've experienced a loss, sometimes not saying anything at all.


It can be hard to understand what is happening and how you are feeling. I also work with couples, if appropriate.  

Pregnancy-Related Counselling in Plymouth

“I found my sessions with Anna just what I needed to help me deal with my fertility journey so far... she provides a safe, empathetic and professional space to facilitate processing of events and emotions.

Anna is very approachable, I was able to be completely honest with her and she is also very person centred and able to grasp the salient themes that come up, and ask the right questions, whilst allowing you lots of time to talk. I would highly recommend her.

She is also really flexible on sessions in terms of availability and number you want.”

If you'd like to find out more about pregnancy-related counselling in Plymouth, please get in touch with me. I offer a free 20-minute consultation with no obligation.

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